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Solid Hardwood Maintenance

Solid Hardwood Maintenance

Perhaps solid hardwood flooring is a spoiled child of all flooring types, such as laminate floors and engineered hardwood floors. Hardwood floors requires high level of maintenance due to the fact that it is made of natural wood, whether it is a bamboo, cherry, maple of highly durable and sophisticated oak tree. Direct sunlight, liquid spills, wax and ammonia cleaning products can damage hardwood floors. Thus, it is necessary to know what you can clean and maintain your hardwood floors with in order to preserve its original beauty and unique structure.

Current flooring installation and the renovation market provide consumers with numerous hardwood cleaning products, that are safe and efficient. In addition, other precautions could me made in order to keep your solid hardwood floors alive. Exposure to direct sunlight should be minimized or eliminated, since in a long run that could damage your hardwood floors in terms of pale patches. If any liquid has been spilled, especially ammonia, it should be removed immediately. Spills and pets paws, can leave marks on hardwood floors. It is best to clean hardwood floors with a soft clean cloth. In addition, vacuuming is the best way of cleaning since it is sucks the dirt, dust, salt, hair and other particles from in between if the planks, so it is not being collected there for years. It is indeed better to maintain cleanness of your hardwood floors, as oppose to deal with the consequences such as repair and/or re-installation of the damaged planks. It is also useful to put safe (material) patches under your furniture, especially ones with sharp corners. After all, it is better to maintain your hardwood floors in a proper manner, as oppose to suffer from permanent damage that such type of wooden flooring are exposed to.

The picture above is from a job we completed recently.

Guest post from,
Brandon Baird, Baird Construction

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