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Getting the most value when investing into your home comfort

Getting the most value when investing into your home comfort

Out with the old, in with the new! Being proactive when replacing your furnace and air conditioner puts you in a better place to negotiate instead of waiting until it’s too late and desperately looking for help at the last second. Government rebates, saving on the energy bills and improved comfort are all great incentives, but having peace of mind is priceless. Shopping for a new furnace and air conditioner can be difficult. We do our best to be clear in our presentation, explain the differences between systems and provide everything in writing with reference links for your review. We pride ourselves on quick response times and not calling it a day until everything is perfect. If you want the job done right for a competitive price, we are the team for you.

During our pre-inspection we conducted a heat gain / heat loss calculation which tells us the exact size for the new furnace and air conditioner required for the home. Followed by a professional installation by licensed, insured technicians. Top it off with a 10 year labour and parts warranty backed by a company that’s been in the business for over 130 years!

Nice clean job. Yeah, we like that… We also installed a new humidifier to prepare for the winter season… Programmable thermostat and winter cover for the air conditioner were included. We will revisit with the homeowner in a couple weeks to do a post-installation visit, where our service manager will complete a free air balancing based on our customers feedback. Visit our website www.maxaire.ca or call us at 1-844-MAXAIRE to schedule your no obligation free quote!

*** Attention homeowners in YORK Region! The Enbridge Gas rebate program is now available in your area. Our customer will get a cheque for $1,450 from the Enbridge Gas rebate and an additional cheque for $650 from the IESO. We can help you do the same! Call us today!

Reference to Enbridge claim

Reference to IESO claim


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