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We feel it’s important to note that the owners, Garry and Janet have a combined 65 years of local living (Aurora and Keswick). Our business development manager, Dave, has been a Newmarket resident for 31 years while his son, Mike (our website ninja), has also lived in Newmarket for several years. That’s well over 100 years of ‘local living’! We’re a local company helping local homeowners by connecting them with local experts! No fancy commercials, advertising or marketing campaign can take the place of 122 years of local living in the area they work.

So, what does the average person really want in a Contractor or Service provider? At Reno-Proof ME we have conducted our own research to learn from you, the customer. You have told us that what really matters is honesty, quality of workmanship, communication and a Written Guarantee. At RENO-PROOF ME we have carefully selected Contractors who have excelled in these areas. Their past clients have told us!

In order to find truly exceptional Contractors and Service providers, RENO-PROOF ME has implemented a no-nonsense, straight-forward vetting process. Unlike some other referral companies, we will not allow anyone to simply join our ranks. We only work with professionals who are respected and trusted in their given niche of expertise. We do our best to ensure they are honest, communicative people who guarantee their work. That alone gives you an idea of what we value here at RENO-PROOF ME.

So remember, when you browse our Contractor and Service provider profiles, please know that the testimonials you read are real. We know this because their references have been contacted by us. We are proud of the RENO-PROOF ME network of Contractors and hope that you will consider working with one of them for your next home improvement project. We want you to be delighted by their service and their care for you and your home.

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The RENO-PROOF ME team has been hand-picked, vetted and chosen just for you!


We are committed to our community!

Our happy clients speak to our level of professionalism.

We only work with the best!

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